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Storyteller: minstrel, poet, writer, bard, artist. The title conjures romantic images of captive audiences crowded around ancient campfires or in medieval halls, of larger-than-life personalities who spin their yarns with grand sweeps of their arms, dramatic pauses and soft whispers that crescendo into big, booming exclamations. The quintessential entertainers.

By all accounts, I don't fit the bill of a traditional storyteller. At house parties I am the classic wallflower, my internet dating phase was an unmitigated disaster, and I'm so susceptible to embarrassment that I even react viscerally to awkwardness in books or TV shows. People often expect someone who identifies as a professional storyteller and facilitator to enjoy the spotlight. Yet the best storytellers and facilitators are those who are natural listeners. For me, the thrill lies not in telling my own stories, but in helping you to uncover and create yours. A story is more than the sum of its parts – it is a miraculous creation born of the delicate, vulnerable, honest relationship that develops between the storyteller and their audience. A great storyteller may have charisma, but more importantly they will have empathy.

I have been working in storytelling across various industries and in different media for over a decade. With a background in writing and documentary/art cinema and a master’s degree in aesthetics and narrative theory, I combine a scientific approach to storytelling with my ingrained penchant for all things creative. Since finishing my formal education, I have immersed myself in the practices of design thinking and applied curiosity, exploring how we can harness the fundamental human practices of play and divergent thinking to feed strategy and storytelling.

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